Our workshop is located in the heart of the Guérande salt marshes. Our products are an invitation to experience the delicate Guérande sea salt flower with the richness of organic fair-trade cocoa and the unique taste of organic nuts.

Our main goal is to delight lovers of excellent organic products with unexpected flavours!

Our Sources

  • We pride ourselves in working with exceptional raw materials. Our fair-trade, organic and local resources offer us many natural products with which we enjoy creating our timeless and "ephemeral" delicacies. 

Our Promise

  • Beyond a conviction, a truth: our commitment to fair trade, social partnership, responsibility and to an organic approach. We do not compromise in the quality of our ingredients: no additives, no preservatives, no food colouring, and no artificial flavours.

Our Brand

  • To cultivate our difference, we added a “t” to our “attelier” (workshop), representing the Tradition of the French know-how and the Temptation of tasteful food.

Health & Pleasure

  • Cacao, named "the food of gods" is now recognised as superfood: we make it a delicious  remedy to the demand of daily life.

Among properties of cacao are :

  • ANTIOXIDANTS – shields free radicals to protect against aging. Cocoa has by far the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world. Raw cocoa has an antioxidant value that is four times that of the Acai berry, which is known for being extremely high
  • MAGNESIUM – for heart, brain power, strong bones
  • IRON – critical mineral for nutrition
  • CHROMIUM – to balance blood sugar
  • MANGANESE – an essential trace mineral
  • ZINC – for immune support
  • COPPER – for healthy blood
  • VITAMIN C – contains antioxidants, especially in raw cocoa
  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS – especially in raw cocoa
  • PHENYLETHYLAMINE PEA – for focus and alertness
  • ANANDAMIDE – the bliss chemical
  • TRYPTOPHAN – regulates the appetite, for better sleep, helps with relaxation
  • SEROTONIN – mood enhancing, our feel-good hormone
  • FIBER – for a good digestive system
  • SULPHUR – for strong hair and nails

L'attelier Guérande gourmandises bio tentations