Addiction by L'Attelier,

Description: A selection of organic, fair-trade cocoa from Peru and Saint Domingue. 0%lecithin, 0% added sugar, 0% additives, 0% artificial colours or flavours. 100% cocoa butter. We choose to combine great taste with healthier eating.

Tasting Suggestions: To share with others or enjoy on your own. There is always a good excuse or a perfect moment for enjoying our chocolate bars. You’ll become addicted to their flavour and healthy properties.

Among all chocolate bars, you can discover:


70 % Peru dark chocolate bar with raw ginger

74 % St Domingo dark chocolate bar with buckwheat

 74 % St Domingo dar chocolate bar with Espelette pepper74 % dark chocolate St Domingo chocolate bar 

38 % milk chocolate bar with caramel

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