Ladures® by L'Attelier,

Description: This chocolate confection gets its name from the platform upon which the hand-harvested sea salt is left to drain. Its originality comes from the added salted caramel pieces. The Ladures are covered in nuts and cranberries that impart an explosion of flavours to be savoured throughout the holiday season.

Tasting Suggestions: To share with others or enjoy on your own. Admire their beauty before taking a bite as the flavours burst in your mouth, heightened and contrasted by the fleur de sel* . Your tasting pleasure will be multiplied when savouring these treats with wine, champagne, coffee, or tea.

*a note about ‘fleur de sel’

Fleur de sel is a gourmet sea salt formed naturally when the first, most fragile salt crystals blossom on the top layer of evaporating sea water . It is harvested by hand, using traditional wooden raking tools, in the famous salt marshes of Guérande, on the West coast of France. The flaky, delicate fleur de sel grains heighten and contrast the sweetness of our confections.


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