Gwenrann by L'Attelier,

Description: A delicate dark or milk chocolate disk enhanced with a hint of Guérande fleur de sel*. An ideal companion with wine, champagne, coffee or tea. The fleur de sel allows you to discover the unexpected flavours of our organic, fair-trade chocolate.

Tasting Suggestions: To Share with others or enjoy on your own with your favorite wine, champagne, coffee or tea.

*Fleur de sel is a gourmet sea sel formed naturally when the first, most fragile sel crystals blossom on the top layer of evaporating sea water . It is harvested by hand, using traditional wooden raking tools, in the famous sel marshes of Guérande, on the West coast of France (Britany). The flaky, delicate fleur de sel grains heighten and contrast the sweetness of our confections.

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